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Middleware Solutionss

Middleware Solutions

Custom Middleware solutions as well as 3rd Party middleware integration to interconnect your multi-tiered IT architecture.

Middleware Solutions play an integral role to in elimination of the pain of integration. With it being layered between two systems it’s easier for the two to communicate and this can be seen as a glue holding together applications allowing seamless connectivity sans the need of two communications to communicate in a direct manner. In a highly distributed environment where businesses must connect with legacy systems, cloud and SaaS applications, and business management software such as SAP and Salesforce, middleware technology plays an essential role.

At 9Melon, we allow businesses to overcome integration challenges through a middleware technology that quickly, easily and securely connects the enterprise. Our open source, Java-based middleware solutions are easy-to-use and easy-to-scale. They can be also be used as the middleware connectivity tool with .NET connectivity offering a reliable and easy to use platform solution as compared to other options on the market. Here we help you gain insights into middleware by exploring wide-ranging topics, in-depth analysis and resources. You get the best middleware solutions with us.


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Middleware Solutions & Services

Middleware Solutions & Services For Profitable Business


Message Oriented Software

Message-oriented middleware allows developers to come up with applications with asynchronous functionality highly significant to modern distributed applications. It’s greatly helpful for the businesses.


RPC Middleware

Also known as RPC, it’s a protocol that can be used by one program to request a service from a program located in another computer in a network sans the requirement to understand network details. In case of RPC it uses the client/server model.


Transaction Solutions

With our middleware software management solutions you get end-to-end middleware transaction tracing and real-time monitoring of middleware product performance. It ensures secure and auditable configuration management.


Database Oriented Solutions

In the arena of enterprise application integration, Database Oriented Middleware Solutions play a significant role enabling you to view data using any model despite how the data is stored.


Intelligent Middleware

Needless to say that Middleware is greatly integral to modern information technology based on XML, SOAP, Web services and with Intelligent Middleware (IMW) you get real-time intelligence and event management through intelligent agents.


Content Centric Middleware

This is a kind of middleware that enables you to abstract particular content sans having to worry how to obtain it. You can do this through a simple provide/consume abstraction.


Application Server Middleware

Application Server Middleware is highly useful when you need to serve up the application features on its own or with a limited set of other systems like Relational Databases or NoSQL.


Service Oriented Middleware

Service-oriented middleware solutions is just the kind right of paradigm to engineer software applications that can be deployed in the B3G network, as functionalities offered by networked resources can be conveniently abstracted as services.

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