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Enterprise System Integration

Enterprise System Integration Solutions

Serving myriad customers across the globe we meet all your web requirements with the help of our trusted team.

Nowadays we see that companies face a lot of challenges while taking business decisions and as they optimize processes owing to key information and functions are spread across various software applications. Owing to this requirement to use various applications for various facets of their business, it gets tough to see all the necessary data in one location. Be it pulling together data from your own internal systems or the requirement to integrate data from the outside world, it can prove to be tough to get everything required by you at one place. And this is where our scalable system integration framework will prove to be of great help. It helps in handling complex business process automation and data aggregation requirements of the clients.

At 9Melon we offer custom-built solutions that meet the growing demands of present day’s customers. With us you get brilliant enterprise system integration which enables the creation of well-defined APIs offering secure access to your services, regardless of what the service implementation. Our time-tested iterative approach helps in collaboration with our clients thus delivering the most strategic software solutions out there.


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Enterprise System Integration

Enterprise System Services For Profitable Business


CRM Integration Services

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which is among the core services or enterprise integration process and at 9Melons we possess special insight and skills in this kind of services.


CMS Integration Services

Same as CRM integration, CSM is among our core competence. Here at 9Melons we offer expertise and streamlined services with great cost-effectiveness. Our team is skilled and experienced in delivering the most brilliant services.


SAAS Integration Services

Software as a service or product as a service is typical an IT service required by small to large scale enterprises. We have been in this arena since long time and posses great expertise and skills in such services.


BI Integration Services

Through this it’s easier to streamline the business intelligence process. Business Intelligence integration service is helpful to the business managers in making more effective and accurate business management decisions.


Mobility Integration Services

Enterprise mobility integration consists of mobilization of enterprise process with brilliant IT integration services. At 9Melons we come around as a reliable and cost-effective option for you. Get efficient and robust mobility integration services with us.


Reporting System Integration

The Reporting System Integration allows you to enjoy best services in the arena of business reporting system integration. Our services can help you in a lot of ways.


Cloud Service Integration

At 9Melons we offer cloud services addressing data, process, service-oriented architecture (SOA). We help you get a simple and robust integration platform in the cloud.


Lead Management Solution

Lead management solution allows you to track leads for better sales pitch. You can score leads according to their quality and can assign them to sales person.

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