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Our Company Infrastructure

9 Melons Technologies is the one of the most popular offshore development center situated in Jaipur which is scientifically and conveniently placed.

9 Melons Technologies leads the way in infrastructural presence. Our advanced development facility is located strategically with latest technology infrastructure to serve our clients.

We ensure the strategic balance of our high-level work ethics and enthusiasm through our high tech infrastructure design.

All these facilities ensure highly-energetic environment that increases the production capacity of the work force. With this, we encourage self-motivated temperament to work enthusiastically under any challenging amount of pressure and at any demanding level of complexity. We have spaces for support cell, server room and separate seating areas for technical, business and creative departments.

Data security is taken very seriously at 9 Melons Technologies. To avoid any data theft or loss we protect it through a Firewall, Active Directory policies, handle it with security tools and selective network access. We also have dedicated secured VPN connections for client specific needs which only grant you the access if you have the similar connection installed at your place. Our development hub is connected to world-class internet servers hosted in an authentic server environment where we run our email servers, FTP servers and other hosted applications.

Our internal communication system is wire-framed with an intranet that ensures an automated system of correspondence between the workforces. This helps us follow a complete process-driven approach that includes tools to help users respond quickly, assertively and flawlessly. Few important components used in our standardized internal communication include timesheets, flaw management, resource plan sheet, project route plan, status reports etc.

Our project management system is consistently available to clients for uninterrupted review and monitoring purpose. Through this competent system of work, we ensure that there remains least chance of miscommunication and no lacuna in between any two members, entities and attributes that contribute to the project development.

Highlights of Our Infrastructure


Infrastructure brief

  • Centrally air-conditioned with all modern amenities
  • VOIP facility for effective client communication
  • Wireless Network with WPA security
  • Proxy Sharing on all PC’s, with mail and http access Behind firewall
  • Multiple servers with separate server room with 24*7 power back-up
  • Wireless office for mobile computing, with remotely manageable router.
  • Dedicated Windows 2012 and Linux web servers

Hardware & Software

  • Development PC’s and Laptops with genuine license software
  • All workstation having i5 process with 16 GB of RAM
  • Professionally designed Multimedia and Graphic Designing cards and additional components
  • Ample storage facility with complete security and backup
  • SAN storage device for backup

Client Server model work station

  • Mail server
  • Web server
  • Proxy Server with site access control for internet sharing
  • NAT enabled internet for senior level employees to effectively cleave to voice and video conferences

Communication and Reporting

  • High level of project management and transparency by using latest tools
  • Internal communication system for project monitoring and assessment
  • Complete transfer of ownership of source codes, images and all relevant documents
  • Prompt and easily accessible review and feedback facility
  • Project updates and developments available on servers
  • Round the clock communication support
  • Strict Coding Standards
  • IP protection by signing NDAs and clearly stated contracts, right in the beginning of project

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